Camptonville Community Fire District

     The Camptonville Volunteer Fire Department (CVFD) is a department of and under the jurisdiction of the Camptonville Community Service District (CCSD). The CVFD provides fire protection, rescue and emergency medical services, education in fire safety and emergency standards, and other services to protect lives and property while maintaining the highest level of safety for its volunteer firefighters and rescue personnel.

     CVFD was created in 1982 as a legal entity to receive mitigation fees to offset the increased cost of providing fire protection and emergency services. CVFD is still strongly supported by the Camptonville community. The fire hall was completed in 2001 with local labor and volunteers.

     CVFD currently has 20 members who currently consist of a Chief, 1 Assistant Chief, 1 Captain and highly trained firefighters and emergency medical technicians/first responders. The Fire Chief reports to the CCSD.

     CVFD/CCSD have mutual aid agreements with surrounding local fire departments, the USFS Tahoe National Forest, and Cal-Fire for the suppression of wildfires. For medical response, vehicle accidents, Bullards Bar Reservoir rescues on land, and structural fires CVFD/CCSD has mutual aid agreements with surrounding local fire departments.

Fire Chief

Chief Brandi Dudek, Advanced Emergency Medical Technician

Phone: 530.2883303

Part-time Employee of the CCSD

Duties – Administration, training, CVFD budget, incident command, and medical response.

CCSD Liaison to CVFD

Tedd Sapp, CCSD Board of Directors, Volunteer.

Phone: 530.2883328

Duties: Oversight of the CVFD; assists with planning, budgets, grant writing, and administrative issues.

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