The Camptonville Water District (CWD) is a department of and under the jurisdiction of the Camptonville Community Service District (CCSD) in northeastern Yuba County. The Camptonville Water District supplies filtered and chlorinated water to the residences, businesses, Camptonville Union Elementary School, U.S. Post Office, and the U.S. Forest Service within Camptonville town’s service district for a fee.

     Prior to 1986 the water supplied to Camptonville town residents was not potable. The California State Water Bond Act of 1986 funded the development of a safe water system. The new water facility became operational in 1991.

     The main water supply is taken from the spring fed Campbell Gulch stream by a diversion dam. In times of drought and low flow in Campbell Gulch, water is rationed, and a well is used as the main source of water. The well water is contaminated with iron and manganese. The current green sand filtering system is marginally operational only with effort by the treatment plant T-2 operator.

     To meet current public health standards the water system was partially improved in 2014 with a grant from the State Water Resources Control Board and further improved, though not completely improved, with a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, California Rural Development in 2017. The latter grant funded an attempt, which was unsuccessful, to find and develop another ground source of water to meet the Minimum Daily Demand during drought conditions.

     The Camptonville Community Service District (CCSD) has submitted a planning grant in January 2021 to the State Revolving Fund to find ground water resources and to develop plans to replace the failing diversion dam and the 30-year-old chlorination tank.

Water Treatment Manager:

J. Thomas Rumsey, Licensed T-2 Treatment Plant Operator.

Phone: 775.9807138

Part-time Employee of the CCSD

Duties – Maintenance of the treatment plant, diversion dam, and well; meter readings for billing customers; and other administrative paperwork.

CCSD Liaison to the CWD

Richard DicKard, CCSD Board of Directors, Volunteer.

Phone: 530.2883479

Duties – Oversight of the CWD; assists with planning, budgets, grant writing, and administrative issues; and is the primary collaborator with the Yuba Water Agency and the CWD’s consultant, Bennett Engineering.

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