Camptonville Community Cemetery District

     The Camptonville Cemetery District (CCD) is under the jurisdiction of the Camptonville Community Service District (CCSD). The CCD was originally formed in 1954 and in 1993 placed under the CCSD.

.      The Camptonville Cemetery is an historic cemetery. The oldest know grave is for G.W. Carather of Oakland County, Michigan who died at 17 years of age. There is at least one civil war veteran buried at the Camptonville Cemetery.

.      The cemetery averages about one burial a year. The cemetery is in part overseen by the Camptonville Historical Society and in part by the CCSD. It is maintained as needed, mowed in May for Memorial Day, and cleaned up again in the fall. The cemetery does not own any equipment, buildings, or irrigation systems. The monuments are stone, cement, and metal.

. CCSD Liaisons to the CCD

. Sandy Ross, CCSD Board of Directors, Volunteer.

. Phone: 530.5591629


. Randy Rizzo, CCSD Board of Directors, Volunteer.

Phone: 530.2883658

.      Duties: Oversight of the CCD: burial plot sales, burial planning, budgets, maintenance, and administrative issues.

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